Hi, I'm Dr. Jumaah.
Let's start your transformation!

Together, we’ll set free your most confident self
without compromising your busy lifestyle!


Focus attention on your work
instead of your meals.

Boost your body's fat-burning power without
counting calories or giving up favorite foods.


Spend less time exercising
and more time cuddling.

Work out smarter, not harder,
so you can enjoy doing what you love most.


Change your habits
while you change your latitude.

Follow your passions instead of your diet plan
with a simple method that can be done anywhere.


I want to transform your life by creating the fittest, most confident version of you!

First of all, I want to say welcome and thank you for stopping by. For me, staying fit is like oxygen, it keeps me alive and is one of my biggest passions!

As a business executive who juggles time between being a loving and devoted mom and wife, a fitness athlete, and training to be the next American Ninja Warrior, I know firsthand how time constraints can derail even the best intentions.

But the reality is my plate is always full and my to-do list is never “done”. Because of this, I’ve had to simplify my life and find ways to be more efficient with everything I do, including how I stay fit. By combining my scientific knowledge with my own personal experiences, I’ve designed a simple-yet-effective weight loss method that will help you shed pounds without the hassle of dieting or going to the gym.

My mission is to show other women in pursuit of their passions how easy it can be to achieve the body of their dreams without compromising their lifestyle!

What's your goal?



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