About Dr. Jumaah

Children change everything

Fitness has been engrained in my soul ever since I can remember. At the age of 8, I was introduced to gymnastics, a sport that would set the tone for the rest of my life. And after a long career with many accolades, including being a 5-time All American gymnast and a 2-time Hall of Fame inductee, I settled into an active lifestyle where staying fit continued to be second nature.

But now, as a busy working mother of an energetic toddler boy, my plate is always full and my to-do list is never “done”. Because of this, I’ve had to find ways to be as efficient as possible with everything I do, including how I stay fit.

A mission to simplify weight loss

Whether you’re a business executive, a busy mom raising little ones, or a curious jet-setter, overly complicated or burdensome approaches to weight loss are destined to fall short. But I truly believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise your lifestyle to feel confident in your body.

My signature method combines my personal experience and professional knowledge to provide a practical-yet-effective solution for women who are successfully pursuing their passions but struggle with their weight.

My fitness journey continues

I like to think of fitness as a continuum, with weight loss on one end and athletics on the other. Throughout life, your fitness efforts will shift depending on where you are in your personal journey.

More than 15 years after the end of a successful gymnastics career, my next chapter is to compete in Fitness Universe pageants, with the goal of being crowned the next Miss Fitness America in November 2019. In preparation, I’ve designed my own fitness training plan, and I’m excited to show off all of my hard work at my first competition on June 22nd in Miami, Florida!

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