11 At-Home Workouts That Seriously Torch Calories

11 At-Home Workouts That Seriously Torch Calories May 13, 2019Leave a comment

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Have you been struggling to get to the gym and now your stressed about getting fit? Are you looking for ways to workout out smarter, not harder, so you can make the most out of your limited time? Do you need to lose weight quickly for a special occasion, hot date, or simply to feel more confident every day?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then definitely read on! I’ve pulled together a list of the best calorie-torching workouts that are guaranteed to melt away fat! The best part? All of these workouts can be conveniently done in the comfort of your own home! So (eh hmm), no more excuses on how to get it done!

Just remember that to most effectively lose weight, a comprehensive approach is best! So make sure you have a plan in place to start eating healthy so that you can make the body of your dreams a reality!

11 At-Home Workouts That Seriously Torch Calories

1) 10-Minute Cardio Jump Workout By Class FitSugar (Calories Burned: 140)

Everyone can find 10 minutes to fit in a workout! This heart-pumping plyometric jump workout will help you burn up to 140 calories (not bad for only 10 minutes)! Although all exercises require jumping, this workout video does include helpful modifications.

2) 10-Minute Low Impact Cardio Burn By EmBODYment 360 (Calories Burned: ???)

This low impact cardio burn workout was designed to raise your heart rate and burn major calories without putting a lot of stress on your joints. While I have no idea how many calories are burned during this 10-min workout, it is definitely effective, so give it a try!

3) 15-Minute Total Body Fat-Burning Workout By Joanna Soh (Calories Burned: 300)

Burn 300 calories in just 15 minutes with this total body workout! These exercises are low impact so they are easy on the joints. The workout video includes beginner and advanced versions of the exercises.

4) 40-Minute Bodyweight Cardio Workout By PopSugar Fitness (Calories Burned: 400)

This effective 40-minute cardio workout includes a variety of exercises to tone your entire body. This moderate intensity workout keeps you moving the entire time, but includes helpful modifications along the way.

5) 30-Minute Fat-Burning Workout By Lumowell (Calories Burned: 500)

Burn 500 calories with this 30-minute at-home workout. The workout follows traditional Tabata HIIT (high-intensity interval training) protocol of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest (Click here for more info on how HIIT seriously boosts your metabolism). The workout video includes both higher-intensity and low impact versions of all exercises.

6) 45-Minute Cardio Workout By Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins (Calories Burned: 500)

This 45-minute cardio workout from celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins (she trains Pink and Alicia Keys) will help you burn up to 500 calories! This workout keeps you moving the whole time, and includes modifications for all exercises.

7) 45-Minute Boxing Workout By Christa DiPaolo (Calories Burned: 500)

This workout includes a mix of boxing, kickboxing, and bodyweight strength-training moves to torch 500 calories! There are modifications for almost every move, and the option to use light weights (if you have them) for some of the exercises.

8) 50-Minute At-Home Plyo Workout By Sydney Cummings (Calories Burned: 700)

Burn up to 700 calories with this advanced at-home workout with plyometric exercises! Note that all exercises in this workout require jumping.

9) 60-Minute Total Body Workout By Fitness Blender (Calories Burned: 1,000)

Seriously torch away fat with this 1,000 calorie total body workout! This challenging workouts combines HIIT, kickboxing, core & cardio strengthening, and more! Make sure you do the full 5-minute warm up and cool down!

10) 60-Minute Tabata HIIT And Core Workout (Calories Burned: 1,000)

This 1,000-calorie bodyweight workout includes both Tabata HIIT and abs burnout (12-minute extreme abs) to maximally melt away fat! This workout is definitely intense, so make sure you conquer shorter, beginner workouts before attempting this one!

11) BONUS: 10,000 Calories In 30 Days At-Home Workout Challenge

The aim of this 10,000 calorie challenge is to burn an average of 340 calories each day for 30 days (exercising 5 days per week and resting 2 days per week). The high-intensity total body workout in the video is designed to burn roughly 340 calories in less than 30 minutes! Perform this workout 4 times per week and that will get you halfway there!

For the 5th exercise day, try a longer 1,000 calorie workout to really move the needle! Just be sure to have at least one day of your self-care or active rest days (like stretching, yoga and/or meditation, a low-intensity ab workout) immediately following this intense workout. And don’t forget to fit in second active rest or self-care day somewhere else in the week!

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Burn up to 1,000 calories and quickly shed pounds with these 11 at-home workouts! Includes access to FREE workout videos! fat-burning workouts | at-home workouts | fitness for women | fitness for beginners | how to get fit | how to burn 1,000 calories | #fitnessforwomen #getinshape #athomeworkouts

Burn up to 1,000 calories and quickly shed pounds with these 11 at-home workouts! Includes access to FREE workout videos! fat-burning workouts | at-home workouts | fitness for women | fitness for beginners | how to get fit | how to burn 1,000 calories | #fitnessforwomen #getinshape #athomeworkouts

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