Free Flat Belly Challenge

When it comes to losing weight, one of the hardest areas to slim down is the belly. If you’ve always wanted to transform your waistline but didn’t know where to start and what to act on, this FREE 12-Day Challenge is for you!

Success starts by taking action!

When we have specific fitness goals in mind, it’s often difficult to take the first steps. This is especially true when your schedule is packed with life’s priorities. The 12-Day Flat Belly Challenge is designed to be efficiently done in less than 15 minutes per day. Even better, the habits you develop and tools you learn during the next 12 days are guaranteed to greatly benefit you in the long run.

Attack stubborn belly fat from all directions!

If you’re ready to get rid of stubborn belly fat, you’ll need to attack it from many directions!For this reason, there are four parts to this Lose Belly Fat Challenge. For 12 days, you’ll do the following:

  1. Flat Belly Workout (performed 10 out of 12 days)
  2. Stop eating by 8:00 PM each day
  3. Drink eight 8-ounce (1 cup) glasses of water per day
  4. Avoid refined sugar for the entire 12 days (sugar from fruit is ok)

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1. Flat Belly Workout

The first part of the Challenge is a Flat Belly Workout designed to tone and tighten your abdominal muscles. These belly-flattening exercises include simple movements that emphasize control instead of speed or difficulty. The key to getting great results with these more controlled exercises is the right sequence.

I’ve taken all of the guess work out and provided the perfect sequence of exercises in the Flat Belly Workout. During the 12-day Challenge, this workout should be performed 10 out of the 12 days. Thus, take a break from the exercises on the 4th and 8th days of the Challenge. Make sure you grab your printable Challenge Worksheet by signing up above so that you can keep track of all 12 days. 

To ensure you perform the exercises properly, be sure to watch the below exercise demonstrations and read the descriptions carefully.

EXERCISE SEQUENCE: 1) Tummy Tuck x 25   ⇒   2) Seated Twist x 30 each side   ⇒   3) Controlled Kick x 15 each leg   ⇒   4) Double Leg Press x 15   ⇒   5) Around The World x 10 each direction   

2. Stop eating by 8:00 PM

During the 12-day Challenge you should stop eating by 8:00 PM.

This is to cut out late-night snacking and save night time for sleep! As your body prepares for rest and repair, your metabolism slows and food is processed differently. Because of this, calories eaten late in the evening and overnight are more likely to be stored as fat.

Thus, it’s best to end eating for the day with a well-balanced dinner at a reasonable time. If you’re having a hard time managing your appetite, check out this post full of great tips on how to calm hunger.

3. Drink eight 8-ounce (1 cup) glasses of water

Every day during the Challenge you should drink eight cups of water. Water has many health benefits! But when it comes to getting a flat belly, drinking plenty of water is key to getting rid of belly bloat!

When you’re not getting enough water, your body actually retains water to prevent dehydration. So drinking more water can help reduce water retention. In addition, drinking water helps prevent constipation, another cause of belly bloat.

Lastly, drinking water before meals has an added bonus of helping with appetite control. Drinking 16 oz (2 cups) of water 30 minutes before meals can help you feel fuller faster, which results in fewer calories eaten per meal.

Be sure to keep a water bottle at arms reach throughout the day to more seamlessly integrate drinking water into your routine. Just make sure you don’t overdo it with the pre-meal water, for consuming too much too close to meal time can interfere with digestion.

4. Avoid refined sugar

You should eat no refined sugar during the entire duration of the 12-day Challenge.

Refined sugar is a no-no during the Challenge for two main reasons:

  1. Refined or processed sugars add calories but provide little-to-no nutritional value to your diet (so-called “empty calories”).
  2. Because your body breaks down refined sugars so rapidly, you are at risk of overeating because you don’t feel full after eating them (regardless of the calorie content).

In addition, the impact of sugar on insulin levels can have negative implications on weight management. Read this post to learn more about how sugar may be derailing your weight loss goals.

Refined sugar to look out for includes:

  • Sugary drinks, like soda, energy drinks, sweetened fruit juice, and sweetened coffee
  • Candy
  • Baked goods, with added sugar
  • Low-fat foods with added sugar, like low-fat, sweetened yogurt and low-fat, flavored coffee drinks

But there’s a bit of a silver lining. Sugar from fruit is ok! In fact, there are many fruits that actually help aid in weight management. Read about these fruits (and more) in this post of the best weight loss foods.

I hope you enjoy this 12-Day Flat Belly Challenge! If you’re ready to lose belly fat for a slimmer, trimmer waistline, get started today! You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in only 12 days. Just make sure your grab your free 12-Day Challenge Worksheet below!

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