Intermittent Fasting

I will transform your body and your relationship with food forever. This is not a short term, low-calorie diet, this is a change for good!

How intermittent fasting works

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that helps you lose weight by manipulating the timing of eating instead of the type or amount of food eaten. The short breaks from eating that occur during intermittent fasting both lower blood levels of insulin (a fat-storage hormone) and increase fat-burning hormones like norepinephrine. This boost in metabolism helps you burn more fat and lose more weight!

Diets that severely restrict carbs, fat, or overall calories are almost impossible to sustain over the long term. However, most people find intermittent fasting a sustainable approach to weight loss because there are no food restrictions, making in easy to stick with.

Most importantly, intermittent fasting IS safe for women when done the right way! Let me show you how!

Key benefits of intermittent fasting

  • It naturally reduces caloric intake
  • It increases your body’s fat-burning power
  • You effectively lose weight while maintaining muscle mass
  • You can still eat your favorite foods
  • It can reverse insulin resistance (a hidden cause of weight loss plateau)
  • It may make you live longer!


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